Opened the kiln and took out some very fine plates. Interesting glazes on some and all of the biscuit fired ones survived my packing.

Made four plates again. The first one used another lino cut I found under the radiator yesterday and the new clay stamps that I took out of the kiln today. I was pleased with these. The raised screw head worked very well as did the impression of the lego wheel. The failure to reverse my initials was embarrassing though.

The new sprigs of ‘Teacher’ and ‘Mr C’ also worked well. It is a bit late in the day but I thought it was probably time to make some artist teacher plates and, probably, some teacher plates. Today it was artist teacher.

I also found some Guston pictures on the web and played with those in the book. I have long been a fan of Guston and I wanted to make some plates inspired by his work. It was there in the bacon sandwich on the Dunwich cycle ride plate from a long time ago – inspired by his sandwich drawings. Today I channelled his book drawings with one about learning journals, another one of sketchbooks in a pile under a table as I was flicking through the ten books that I have accumulated this school year. And I finished off with a self portrait based on his drawing of a painter, scratched directly into a layer of purple haze glaze in a rough and ready manner. Only I made him a potter, of course. Fun stuff.

Glaze firing tomorrow.