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RSA Animate – Changing Education Paradigms – YouTube.

Cool animation of a Ken Robinson talk on creativity in schools or the lack thereof.


Am now working in a new school on a maternity cover until Easter. This moves the project on in various ways as I have to re-align my, and other’s, comfort zones and re-establish myself. It is an interesting situation.

The summer and early autumn was not very pleasant as I mourned the loss of the middle school art room that I had spent 11 years working in and building up. The period in the Denes as an artist in residence was useful and the final results were good. As the PhD project and the painting I was doing there went into a crisis situation for a couple of weeks it was not a very comfortable period.

The PhD project is in a state of extreme mapping. I have drawn about a dozen intense maps of the locations of the research in various ways and the project is narrowing itself down.

Interesting blog about undergrad painting course.

Jessica Clay // JellySansCanIcy.

Interesting blog about printmaking. Some very good links.

new work « compounded manifestations.