This blog began as part of a PhD research project into the artist teacher in the classroom. What difference does it make in the classroom for the art teacher to practice as an artist? The early parts of the blog were part of the analysis phase and about sharing the research. The art room was in a middle school in Lowestoft in Suffolk on the east coast of the UK. Year 6 are about ten to eleven years old, year seven eleven to twelve and year eight are twelve to thirteen. The school was closed in July 2011 due to the reorganisation of schools in Suffolk.

My PhD thesis, Let Me Show you What I Mean – Changing Perspectives on the Artist-teacher and the Classroom Art Demonstration can now be read on the UAL Research website. I completed the doctorate in January 2019.

Since then, the blog has documented my pandemic artworks which have been made at a rate of about six a week since April 2020.