Archives for the month of: November, 2021
Guarantee 100%

Acrylic paint, lacquer and collage on paper patchwork 50cm x 50cm

Lazarus Strategy

Acrylic, stickers, lacquer and collage on paper patchwork. 50cm x 50 cm

Reverse view

A new work in the continuing sequence. Making three or four a week now. Two more on Monday and Tuesday before #abstractadvent again. The shapes Chris has chosen don’t seem to be quite as festive as last year. Perhaps that is just how everyone feels now. Christmas seems a fairly abstract prospect from this perspective. Will we be able to see anyone? Has Omicron got other plans for us?

Dyed Goods

Lacquer and acrylic paint on collaged paper patchwork 50cm x 50cm

Reverse view showing the paper patchwork

100% Original and Authentic

Acrylic paint and lacquer on collaged paper patchwork. 50cm x 50cm

Bag and Overalls

Acrylic, inks and lacquer on paper collaged patchwork 50cm x 50cm


The Psycho-Magnetic Curves

Acrylic paint, lacquer and inks with collage on 50cm x 50 cm paper

History Today

Lawyer, ink, acrylic with collage.


Inks and acrylic on folded paper sketchbook. 50 cm x 50 cm

A restart to the project after a three-month break and some reflection. Going back to go forward. Revisiting the folded sketchbook, the portable, the partial, the drawing side of the project. Will continue to make six a week through the winter and see how it develops.

Reverse showing folded sketchbook format