As everyone has seen the studio space as an exploded sketchbook/mind map, and I hope that has been useful, what can I do to make the next three weeks at Denes the most useful from your point of view? What would you like me to do?

It seems to me that I could;

a) potter on and then leave

b) develop the idea of synthesis of the ideas on the wall into some sort of final piece, probably around the idea of the artist’s studio as a space/territory ( this sparked off by this Tal R image on Friday). Perhaps suggesting that the artists’ ‘space’ is wherever they find themselves/in the head/in their work book etc etc

Synthesis could be presented as either working towards a big painting, referencing the imagery developed on the wall in some way 


synthesis represented by continuing to develop the work off onto canvases or boards in an ongoing manner and the synthesis being more a question of editing and re presenting  

(the role of the Final Piece and the Development Work – can development work be considered as a final piece if it is presented right?)

Either of these could lead to using the space to mount a small exhibition at the end of the project; clear it out and use it as a gallery with posters and cards etc.

b) something more collaborative in the space with students contributing something to put in the space. 

c) a large painting/drawing of Vermeer at his easel, say, or any other artist image of the studio, and then cut up into postcards sized pieces and the bits given to the students who rework their piece and we put the image back together so it is still Vermeer (or whoever) but reworked by the collective.

d)any other idea

I’ll be in on Monday morning. See you then.

Yours Paul