The year six paintings based on or inspired by or using similar means to Niki De Saint Phalle have been finished and have been put up around the school. Everyone seemed to like the colours but there hasn’t been a great deal of feedback as yet. They are OK. Their schema comes through the influence quite nicely or is enhanced by the influence. There is a reasonable amount of ‘play’ in the idea, a reasonable amount of invention and variation within the idea. The black lines can be a bit heavy with some but that would be expected really. The pictures are about A2 and done with Specialist Crafts poster paint.

In other news the Chuck Close paintings with year 8 have been chugging along. We are coming to the end of the project, slowly. The paintings are interesting, highly varied considering they are ‘just’ copying a photograph. Anyway, I’ve started them off on a project for next term which is based on ‘A Sense of Place’. Corny, corny title I know but the idea is that they can do anything they like about a place that has some meaning to them or to change the school in one way. So it covers, potentially, anything from landscape painting to Goldsworthy and Long and so on. Or not. We shall see. So far the homeworks that I have seen have been Sisley, Kandinsky and that chap on Skyarts who does the anamorphic chalk drawings on the floor. They have to find an artist they are interested in, some images of a place that means something to them and have some idea of what they would like to seond their time doing next term.