Three plates today playing with the idea of experiments that make outcomes. As with most of the plates I make I don’t really know how they will come out so, to an extent, they are all experiments. But they are also final outcomes, assuming I can get them out of the kiln, which isn’t always the case these days. I think the multiple clays and the speed of production is affecting them and not all of them are making it out at the moment. They are rather roughly done and the rolling out is a bit haphazard so some are splitting here and there. I got a very fine one out of the kiln this morning that I had managed to stick together with glaze so that it was a whole plate again but with different sections in different colours and great joining gaps. The other plates came out well too. Pretty pleasing. I packed the kiln with another mixed fire and left it to go for it. God knows what I’ll find in the morning again.