Carlos came in today and spent the day printmaking for his exhibition at the Halesworth Gallery later in the year. He pointed out to me that my having him work in the room and showing him printing techniques is also part of the life of the room. Which it is. Carlos is an architect form Peru, married to a friend and colleague, and making his way in Suffolk. Today we were trying to make a screen print work.

I also worked on three plates today. One crank plate had been in three bin bags since before Easter but was still workable and I finished that off with further sprigs, impressed pattern and some carefully rubbed on green slip along raised surfaces which brought out some of the writing and textures on the biscuits very well. I also made Ray Johnson rabbit plate with green slip. The year sevens I worked with this morning made mail art cards to send to Leiston Middle and I made a couple of demonstrations cards so Ray Johnson has come round again. I didn’t quite finish it but it will have ‘Add to and Return to Mr Cope’ carved into it tomorrow.

I also worked on a blank at home this evening. Another ‘Off Task’ plate. Productive doodling about. .