Back to school. Not really got my head going so lots of doodly things in the sketchbook. A sort of marking time. Not really got going again and this doodling about seems to be part of getting things to move about in my mind again. Today doodling around Hundertwasser. The Y8 have been doing a little watercolour project on the old hippy as an end of term thing so we are just finishing that off. I am also sorting through a massive archive of art cuttings given to me by Gerald including a cutting of Hundertwasser from a Sunday supplement when he was having a show at the Barbican. Incredible as he couldn’t get arrested now. Apart from Taschen no one has much time for him. I use him as a quiet watercolour layering, imaginative drawing task. Part of my Deeply Unfashionable Artist series.

This evening I painted a plate with underglazes in a vaguely Hundertwassery way to see how watercoloury the underglazes can be. I made an image to commemorate yesterdays 35 mile bike ride to Covehithe. This afternoon I stayed behind and made a quick Sprigtastic plate with two clays. A buff school clay for the plate and a crank for the sprigs. I have so many sprigs I can make a whole set in a few minutes and put them on a plate relatively quickly. There is something of a series of sprig plates going now. I glazed some this afternoon whilst Y8 were painting ready to fire the kiln tomorrow.