Do it with instructions from Ella @artpedagogy #artpedagogy


The following instructions should be completed within one hour. At the end of the hour, you would have made an artwork. *

  1. Use a sheet of paper that has been damaged (for example, ripped, marked, creased, dripped on with water).
  2. Use a drawing tool of your choice to create a geometric shape on this surface.
  3. Disrupt this shape.
  4. Place a 3-dimensional object on the outskirts of your page.
  5. Shine a light on the object so a shadow is cast over the page.
  6. Using a pencil, trace the shadow.
  7. Turn your page 90 degrees clockwise.
  8. Using a different drawing tool, create a new shape to overlap the previous.
  9. Shade in a blank section of your page.
  10. Shade in another blank section with a different colour
  11. Take something that you would deem to be rubbish and attach it to your page. Do this in a way that is
    compositionally appealing to you.
  12. Ask a household member to share their opinion of your art in one word.
  13. Incorporate this word to your art.

*These instructions, and the performance of following them, might also be art.

Using up Mars violet with chromium green plus white and a mixed black on collaged paper patchwork with old drawings 48cm x 48cm