The intention is to demonstrate the making of an art work that is more than a preparatory sketch but possibly less than the dreaded ‘final outcome’. Perhaps the word is a ‘study’. The idea is to use the various stencils that I have cut whilst working with the year ten graffitti inspired students in a fairly free form way along with ideas derived from Kusama at Tate Modern and some of the Mexican grafftti artists in Street Sketchbook. Keri Smith and her work on exploring the world, collage and her sources are also supposed to be in there too. The intention is to demonstrate the synthesis of sources and influences along with a direct approach, without the working up of a preparatory sketch.

1. The art room is running out of large paper. Remembering one of the instructions from the wreck this book/Keri Smith work take what you can find and glue and tape it together to make a surface to suit. The surface itself is thus a collage using things that come to hand. Joing together with glue, parcel tape and some sticky backed plastic. Referencing Rauschenberg’s surfaces etc.

2. Smear some red and acrylic across the surface with a big brush to give yourself something to work on after lunch.

3. Have lunch.

4. Gather the year tens round the table and show them the taped together sheets and explain what I am going to do and why. Set them off on their work programmes for the afternoon. Cut out some little heads from the gold sticky backed plastic (factory throw out) and stick them on. Use two of the head stencils to put on a couple of head shapes looking towards each other so that they are ‘in conversation’. The stencils are nice because they are personal and graphic but they are less personal than the brush mark. They make a sort of tool kit to make an image and I have made them so that they can be put on top of each other to make multi-layered and coloured images.

5. Work over all of the paintings with the stencils to make crowds and a conversation. ‘Finish off’ one of them with a broken brush and a drawing loosely derived from the sketchbook drawings going in between the stencils and collage heads.