Well, not very, really.

So the thing to do is to make more plates and load the kiln with a glaze firing and get on with it. Only six weeks to go and this is all over.

Made a couple of sprig plates yesterday and a couple of Bad mouse plates which refer to the childhood interest in cartoons and some work I did on the BA which roundly abused Mickey Mouse. This plate has a speech bubble saying ‘What Can Possibly Go Wrong?’.

Trip to Norwich this afternoon to the Castle Museum. I am becoming a regular. Found new things in the collectors gallery of treasures and runic pots in the Anglo Saxon gallery. Drive home with new sunglasses under boiling humid skies listening to loud techno with a head full of Duprat’s bejewelled larvae, iron age beaker decoration and Lowestoft porcelain birth tablets in a jumbled art mash up.

It has all been rather intense.