In the print workshop for the afternoon once more. Craft learnt in a month of Thursdays. Two plates on the go, the big one with shoes on it, which is supposed to be an ironic reference to an art room standby, and a smaller one, 8×10 inches, of small art objects in a Morandiesque still life. The large one has been aquatinted by Ernst and I am going to dip it in a minute and the smaller one is in the acid for a nice long steep.

I have dipped the small one twice and managed to pull a proof. It looks OK. Big scratch across it which I hadn’t noticed during the drawing phase. I don’t invite these but it goes with the plates being seconds and in being carried back and forth in a bag, sometimes on a bike. The damage reminds me of tin types and other photographic damage. There is a photographic link to the etchings. The size is a photo half plate for one.

Things went well until I managed to get a blob of ink on the blanket of the big press. a cardinal sin in the print workshop so my name’s mud at the moment. Easy done, blob on the apron, lean on the roller to put the blankets on the print and then transfer it to blanket. Bugger. Sorry Ernst.

Still life in a Morandiesque manner. Small art objects from a shelf.