Half term week so planning a day in the print studio tomorrow. I worked on a plate this afternoon, a plate that has been hanging around since last summer. I made up a big plate that was beyond my technical capabilities and inclination which, as I tend to do, I kept for ‘best’. Which means I will leave it in my will. But, you can’t do that so I used it to make a drawing of shoes outside on the terrace this afternoon. Why shoes? Well, it’s something of a school art room cliche for one. It’s a reference to Van Gogh though somewhat ironic as these shoes are leisure shoes, sports shoes, indeed. They are sitting on a cycling and an art magazine. The idea is that it is part of this set of ‘still life’ drawings of things things that are lying around me in some way. Allegorical personal images in that tradition. I shall dip it tomorrow and print the drawing I made last week of bits and pieces on the table.