I have bought eight copper plates at 10 inches by 8 inches at 4 UKP each. This is half price as slightly battered seconds. This suits me. The whole issue of value and price and the expense or preciousness of things can be a factor in these things. I am rich enough to use the best paper without worrying too much these days and everything I have done has been printed on top dollar paper over the past couple of years. It isn’t as if I am doing a lot of it so why not use the best stuff I can afford? I still have art materials mouldering which I have bought and then felt that they were too intimidatingly expensive to use. Which is absurd and has to do with worth and what my work is worth and so on. Runs deep that sort of thing. Or it does with me. Of course a lot of my work is done with barely useable materials at school. I have become adept at getting the best out of cheapish poster. We do use a better class of poster these days and that makes a difference it must be said.

Anyway, as I badly resin up two plates and one left over from last year, I formulate some sort of plan to make a suite of eight prints before Christmas. A sort of etching diary and use it to try to think out what I think about this. Work it out with a pin, as it were. The etching has forced me back towards a more classic idea of drawing in a way. It has made me draw things with a pen or a sharp pencil as that its what translates into an etching more than my more usual soft lead. And it has made me do more observational drawings and has pushed me away from my previous ‘hedonistic mark making’.