Key text

Moon, J. (2006 2nd Edition). Learning Journals – A Handbook for Reflective Practice and Professional Development. Routledge London

We will draw heavily on this book, students are advised to purchase a copy. There are a number of copies in the Belstead library

Bolton, G., 2005. Reflective Practice: Writing and Professional Development. Thousand Oaks: Sage


An interesting book on writing styles and ways to write reflectively.

Buck, A., Sobiechowska, P., & Winter, R. (1999) Professional Experience and the Investigative Imagination. The Art of Reflective Writing. Routledge: London

The patchwork text.

Francis, P., 2009. Inspiring Writing: Taking a Line for a Write. Bristol: Intellect

Full of ideas about writing about art and design.

Gray, C. & Malins, J. (2004) Visualizing Research Ashgate: London

A guide to the research process in art and design with an interesting few pages on reflective journals. Good website too.

Klee, P. 1953. Pedagogical Sketchbook. London: Faber

A classic artist teacher’s reflective writing. Also see his diaries.

Mallon, T., 1984 A Book of One’s Own Picador: London


Moon,J. ((2004) A Handbook of Reflective & Experiential Learning: Theory & Practice. London: Routledge Falmer



Another important text by Moon that takes some of ideas about reflective writing further.



New, J., 2005. Drawing from Life: The Journal as Art Princeton Architectural Press: Princeton


Richardson, L., 2005. Writing A Method of Enquiry. SAGE Handbook of Qualitative Research. Thousand Oaks: Sage

Very simply makes the case for writing itself being a form of research. You will get a handout of this.

Schon, D., 1991. The Reflective Practitioner: How Professionals Think in Action. London: Ashgate

The classic text and in some ways the beginning of the interest in the idea of reflection in professional practice. Quite a difficult read and less ‘hands on’ than the rest in the list.






It is important that you draw from material contained in academic journals. These are some relevant titles.


iJADE  International Journal of Art and Design Education

Available in the library and also online via the National Society for Education in Art and Design website. Also try the ARU library journal collection online.


The slides, handouts, and relevant, up to date links and a bibliography will be on this website to use.

Writing Purposefully in Art and Design

Writing-PAD - ‘Writing Purposefully in Art and Design’ - offers art and design institutions an arena in which to explore and develop the notion of ‘thinking through writing’ as a parallel to visual discourse in art and design practice.

Additional notes on this reading list

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