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Monday 5th December

Five New Paintings in Three Shows

Pretty busy during November on an edit of the PhD so not much web time or time to do much else. Did manage to make five new paintings which are in three shows in Suffolk

More details here.

Winter Show.Merchant House Gallery, Lowestoft

Sunday 30th October

A Walk Round Butley Studios

Butley01 Craig Hudson

Recent Projects

Cope Plates

Plate01 Plate01 Plate01 Plate01 Plate01 Plate02 Plate03 Plate04 Plate05 Plate06 Plate07 Plate08 Plate09 Plate10

More details on the Halesworth Gallery website.

100 Square Feet

More details here

Towards the New Normal

Exhibition of Abstract Paintings at the Cut, Halesworth

An exhibition held in February 2016

Painting TTNN

SARU Archive Pages


Sketchbook image

A sample of sketchbook pages from a continuing series of books.

Sketchbook Circle

Pages from a travelling sketchbook which has circulated between four artists this year.

Sketchbook Cover


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