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Five New Paintings in Three Shows 5th December 2016
A Walk Round Butley Studios 30th October
Hen Reedbeds 22nd October
Video. Reeds Snape 15th October
Sketchbook Circle Book 4th October
Pool at the Cut 1st October
Welding at Butley 26th September
'Missing' Neil Hanger Show 24th September
Two Small Paintings 23rd September

Process Blog: Website as Sketchbook

Monday 5th December

Five New Paintings in Three Shows

Pretty busy during November on an edit of the PhD so not much web time or time to do much else. Did manage to make five new paintings which are in three shows in Suffolk

Cut01 Cut02
Cut Open, Halesworth
Endeavour Deep impact
Deep Imapact. Acrylic on Canvas. £300. Endeavour. Acrylic on canvas. £400. Winter Show.Merchant House Gallery, Lowestoft
Cleaning Up Nicely, Thanks
'Cleaning Up Nicely, Thanks' at the ASAT Art teachers' Show, Forefront Gallery, Ipswich. Acrylic on canvas £350

Sunday 30th October

A Walk Round Butley Studios

Butley00 Craig Hudson
Butley01 Craig Hudson
Butley02 Craig Hudson
Butley03 Sian O'Keefe
Butley04 Stuart Anderson
Butley05 Stuart Anderson
Butley06 Stuart Anderson
Butley07 Tobias Ford
Butley08 Tobias Ford
Butley09 Jim Racine
Butley10 Jim Racine
Butley11 Jim Racine
Butley12 Laurence Edwards
Butley15 Tobias Ford
Butley16 Tobias Ford
Butley17 Tobias Ford
Butley18 Phoebe Pryor
Butley20 Phoebe Pryor
Butley21 Phoebe Pryor
Butley22 Phoebe Pryor
Butley23 Meryem Siemmond
Butley24 Meryem Siemmond
Butley25 Meryem Siemmond
Butley26 100 Square Feet
Butley28 Meryem Siemmond
Butley29 Sian O'Keefe
Butley30 Stuart Anderson
Butley31 Jim Racine
Butley32 Meryem Siemmond
Butley33 Meryem Siemmond
Butley34 Visitors
Butley35 Visitors
Butley36 Callum Stannard
Butley37 Jen Hall
Butley38 Jen Hall
Butley39 Craig Hudson

Saturday 22nd October

Hen Reedbeds


Marsh Harrier


Bearded tits


4 Curlew
3 Kingfishers




Black headed gull
Greylag geese

Monday 17th October


East GalleryNUA

It is beyond the scope of any exhibition to deconstruct and investigate the many concepts that artists have meant by the terms void, nothing and emptiness. However it is the intention of this exhibition to revisit how the concept of nothingness informs the kinetic art work of Dom Sylvester Houédard, Ken Cox and Li Yuan Chia.

These three artists all knew each other, sharing, for a coinciding moment in the late 1960s an interest in the Eastern philosophies that present objects not as things but as relationships, events and actions.

The exhibition is curated by Nicola Simpson whose doctoral research is in this area, and it will show a selection works that demonstrate each artist’s interest in how the art object is dependent on performance to come into being.

Continues to 29th October.


Saturday 15th October

Reeds Snape. Video.

Reeds Snape from Paul Cope on Vimeo.

Experimental video response to the landscape. Reeds at Snape Maltings on a blustery day in early October.

Tuesday 4th October

Sketchbook Circle

I passed on the fourth Global 12 sketchbook circle book today. I was a bit late sending it off as I have been busy with plates and boxes. This is an A4 landscape Seawhite which has now been round to all four artists and has gone back to it's original owner. I embellished the cover for it as it was a bit boring and started and half finished a number of pages. i think they are going to go round again. The full book is documented on the Sketchbook Circle page here.

Cover of the book

Saturday 1st October

Pool at the Cut, Halesworth

To the Cut to catch the closing discussion between Charles Hewling and the nine artists involved. The pool is a group of Caro's studio assistants and invited guests who meet to discuss sculpture in a contemporary context. The work is all new and made with the Cut in mind, in various ways, as became clear as the artists discussed their work.

Artists taking part are Neil Ayling, Claire Baily, Olivia Bax, Rafael Blasco Ciscar, Jean-Philippe Dordolo, Jenny Dunseath, Sophie Hoyle, Hywel Livingstone and John Wallbank. More details about the group can be found on the website and the show continues until 6th October. It's a beautiful show.
For details of opening times at the Cut.

Pool01 Vent
View of the show and 'Asfixia (Vent V) by Rafael Blasco Ciscar
Pow Pow2 Pool03 Pool04
'Pow Pow' by Olivia Bax and panoramas of the show
Pow Pow Wallbank Vent
'After the Flagellation' by Hywel Livingstone (with figures), John Wallbank's untitled piece and 'Pow Pow' by Olivia Bax
Majorette Pow
'Majorette' by Clair Baily and 'Pow' by Olivia Bax
Vent General Pow detail Flagellation General Detail General
General views and details of various works in the space
'Untitled (buffers)' by Jenny Dunsneath
Claire Bally discusses her piece 'Majorette'
Self portrait

Monday 26th September

Learning to Weld with Tobias Ford at Butley Mill Studios

On Monday I went down to Butley Mill Studios a lesson in welding with Tobias Ford. I have long wanted to learn how to do this as it has always seemed an alchemical skill, to be able to join metal to metal. However, it is not that easy at all. The melting of metal to metal isn't hat difficult but seeing what an earth I was doing between varifocal spectacles and a face mask that reacts like Zaphod Beeblebrox's Peril Sensitive Sunglasses I found it extremely difficult. Not to mention the heavy gloves, the suede coat and the woolly hat.

Tobias Ford in his workshop
Tobias Ford in his workshop

Tobias is an expert, indeed has raised welding to an artform. He draws in space with the molten metal, supported with just a few bars and straps of steel.

Drawings in the workshop Figure sculpture
Drawings by Tobias and a figure in the workshop.

Tobias is a patient teacher and showed me how to weld different sorts of joints. I managed to fix together some scraps of metal into something that sort of stands up. Pretty much an exemplar of how not to weld, though I was kindly assured that all I needed now was hours of practice. I don't think David Smith has anything to worry about though.

My piece My piece in the garden
My rather wobbly piece in the workshop and in the garden at home.

Interesting to learn something new. The feeling of not knowing, of standing on the edge of a lake of not knowing, of the potential to learn how to do something that stretches away into the distance is always instructive. It makes me appreciate how much effort and time has gone into Tobais's fluency with the medium as he draws things in fresh air with the torch.

Two dogs Bird form
Two dogs and a bird by Tobias outside the studio at Butley.

Tobias has two pieces in the Open Show at the Halesworth Gallery until the 12th October and more of his work can be seen on his website.

Tobias at the open Show with 'Stretch' Bird form
Tobias at the Open Show and his sculpture "Stretch"

Whilst at Butley Mills I also saw Craig Hudson at work on this massive dog sculpture. Craig also has two sculptures in the Open Show at the Halesworth Gallery.

Tobias at the open Show with 'Stretch' Bird form
Impedimentia Craig Hudson at work on the clay stage of his dog sculpture and some of the maquettes and working sculptures in his space.

You can see the dog and much more by Craig, Tobias, Jim Racine, Phoebe Pryor, Meryem Siemmond and the other artists working at the Butley Mill Open Studios on 29th and 30th October from 10am to 4pm.

Flyer for the Butley Mill Open Studios.

Saturday 24th September


Missing Logo

To Lowestoft for Neil Hanger's show of recent work at the Merchant House Gallery in the High Street.

It's a very playful show of beautifully made text pieces, full of little puzzles and paradoxes.

Too Far
Too Far
This May not Last...
This May Not Last Until Tomorrow (with artist)
Older Than Yesterday (Hand cut carpet)
General view
View of the gallery with Alfie, the owner of the gallery, Joanna and Neil.

The gallery is open Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 11am until 4pm. The show ends on the 15th October.

Friday 23rd September

Cross Variation Paintings for the Halesworth Gallery Open Show

Two X paintings
Two small Cross Variation Paintings

The Open Show at the Halesworth Gallery has had a record breaking 171 works entered this year. These are my two contributions. Cross variations 103 and 104. Both acrylic on canvas. 25cm x 25cm. £40 each. £60 the pair.