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Sketchbook Circle Global12 2016

Each Circle has between 3 and 9 drawers, who each draw in a sketchbook or on loose sheets for an agreed number of weeks, and then send the drawings on to the next member of their Circle. The books then circulate among the members, using drawing as a visual form of conversation.

The books are physical, sent by snail or air mail, or by hand if a local Circle. The project has been set up and is co-ordinated by Thinking Through Drawing.


A new global circle – Global 12 – with the following members:

Paul to Karen, Karen to Irene, Irene to Tom, Tom to Paul.

Third Book. June July 2016

Global12_01 Global12_02 Global12_03 Global12_04 Global12_05 Global12_06 Global12_07 Global12_08 Global12_09 Global12_10 Global12_11 Global12_12 Global12_13 Global12_14 Global12_15 Global12_16 Global12_17 Global12_18

This is the sketchbook that I started in Spring of 2016 and which has travelled round the circle this year.

Global12_01 Global12_02 Global12_03 Global12_04 Global12_06 Global12_07 Global12_08 Global12_09