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An Idea. A Challenge. An Exhibition.

101 artists have been working with 101 panels of wood

The exhibition took place at the Halesworth Gallery between 20th August and 7th September 2016.

Our raffle raised £250 for Sightsavers and £30 for The World Land Trust. Find out more here.

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The Panel

101 artists took part in the exhibition. Each artist was given a wooden panel. This panel is the link between the artists. The artists have been as creative and original as they can be with the the panel to turn it into an artwork. A full list of participants is here.

The Box

Each artist has also made 101 small artworks 150mmx 150mm. Each artist will recieve a box containing 101 artowrks by their fellow participants at the end of the show on September 7th. The box is an extension of the show, an opportunity and challenge to make art in another medium and to exchange artworks with fellow artists.

Laurence Edwards has blogged about how he made the 101 artworks here. Several of the artists taking part have written about the exhibition on Yvonne Forster's blog here.

Each maker has been asked to contribute 101 pieces for the boxes, each 150mm x 150mm. The pieces show a wide range of media use and ideas about how to make a multiple artwork. One box has been taken apart and displayed on the wall.

At the end of the show each artist received a box containing 101 artworks by the participants as a memento. That is 100 works by the other participants plus their own. The box works are an exchange with the other artists as a means of disseminating art work beyond the marketplace.

The boxes themselves made an installation in the gallery and have been distributed to the artists at the end of the show.

Images from the very busy preview party on Friday 19th August

Preview Party 01 Preview Party 12 Preview Party 03 Preview Party 04 Preview Party 05 Preview Party 06 Preview Party 07 Preview Party 08 Preview Party 08 Preview Party 09 Preview Party 10 Preview Party 11 Preview Party 13 Preview Party 14 Preview Party 10 Preview Party 11 Preview Party 13 Preview Party 14 Preview Party 10 Preview Party 14 Preview Party 11 Preview Party 13

Song Noir plays for our 50th Birthday Party on Saturday 3rd September

Party 01 Song Noir Francesca and Cliff Song Noir Song Noir Party 01 Song Noir Cutting the cake The Cake Zoe Gerald Preview Party 01

The Raffle for Box 101

The 101st box has been opened and was displayed in the gallery during the show. Raffle tickets were sold during the course of the exhibition with the draw taking place on the last day of the exhibition. First prize was Box 101 and the 100 small artworks it contains. Subsidary prizes have been kindly donated by Yvonne Forster and Paul Cope. The proceeds are going to Sightsavers Logo

Sightsavers help blind people to see again, and prevent people from going blind wherever they can. They improve the lives of people with disabilities, particularly those who have permanent sight loss. Sightsavers seems to be an appropriate charity for support from the visual arts. More can be found out about the work of Sightsavers here.

Box 101 was won by Mr and Mrs Goaman of Lowestoft.

The Paul Cope painting was won by Mr and Mrs Pryor.

The Yvonne Forster painting was won by Phil at Boots.

The raffle raised £250 for Sightsavers and £30 for The World Land Trust.

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It is a show which we have designed to ensure a wide range of interesting artists and makers. We envisage an exciting event which will generate interest and publicity in the area in the tradition of previous shows such as Chair, Air, Drain and the shop window shows in Harleston and Bungay.

Boxes being packed
Some of the boxes being packed.

The artists, the work produced and the exhibition is being documented here on www.100squarefeet.co.uk. This website will fill out with details of the artists and of the work generated by the project. The list of participating artists is available here. A full record of the work made will be displayed on pages here as the exhibition and project fills up. There will be 10,100 artworks made for the 101 boxes as the project progresses.

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