100 Square Feet


100 Artists

Participants 21 to 30

Basley to Chapman

11. Lucy Basley


Field Views

Mixed media £100

Basley Box

Box work

12. Kate Batchelor


Soaring Swifts

Woodcut NFS

Batchelor Box

Box work

13 Alan Bennett



Oil, acrylic, silica sand, driftwood, seaweed on board £300.00

Bennett Box Image

Box work

14 Val Bennett


Antipodean Dreaming

Mixed media on board £300.00

Val Box Image
Val Box Image 02
Val Box Image 03

Box work

15 Les Bicknell

Bicknell Image

tanguramu no ken

wood and string

swapped for a reason why you want it - send reason to lesbicknell@gmail.com - the chosen reason will receive the work at the end of the show.

Bicknell Image

Box work

16 Lindsay Blackmore

Blackmore Image

Rollesby Field

Acrylic, pins and string on wood Bottle of 10 year old Bushmills

Blackmore Box Image

Box work

17 Dave Brown

Brown Image

Temple of Egg

Mixed media £75.00

Brown Box Image

Box work

18. Vivienne Burns

Burns Image

Pink Lines

Mixed media £90.00

Burns Box Image

Box work

19. Tony Casement

Casement Image

Breaking Point

Ciment Fondue £500 to the Stroke Association

Casement Image

Box work

20. Linda Chapman

Chapman Image

Diana and Helen

Wood £100.00

Chapman Box Image
Chapman Box Image 2
Chapman Box Image 3

Box works